Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lyric Love: LCD Soundsystem's "Pow Pow"

So times have been tough, and times have been tough
You have been put down, washed up, erased out

But honestly, and be honest with yourself, how much time do you waste?

How much time do you blow every day?

-LCD Soundsystem's "Pow Pow"

I LOVE LCD Soundsystem. I saw their set at Pitchfork this year, and it was fabulous. My only complaint was that there wasn't more dancing in the crowd. I'm going to see 'em tomorrow night at the Aragon with Hot Chip (another amazing show), and there damn well better be more dancing. I'm just sayin'...

I love how much his music makes me want to get my groove on. He always starts with a beat that makes you feel, regardless of how simple some of the beats are, and then he adds layers and layers of pure genius. I'm a fan of LCD Soundsystem and Sound of Silver, but have probably listened to This is Happening the most. One of my favorite tracks off the album on first listen was "Pow Pow." Like many of his songs, "Pow Pow" starts small and escalates into a multi-layered pile of wonder. I love the elongated climaxes he so often creates. Plus, the lyrics are simple and awesome = simply awesome. The first time I heard him say, "be honest with yourself, how much time do you waste? How much time do you blow every day?" I felt the shame often felt in toddlers when their parents simply look at them when they've done something wrong. It's so true, I waste so much time everyday. Damn facebook...

Thankfully, "Pow Pow" was played during his P4K set, and it was awesome. For such a new track, a lot of the crowd was screaming "advantages!" along with me. These are the moments I live for. Last I heard, "Pow Pow" is the next video LCD's releasing off the album, so I suspect it'll be on tomorrow's set list as well. SO excited. :)

I heard an interview with James Murphy on NPR where he talked about how he was always attracted to music, and how he originally started on guitar. But he didn't feel especially connected to the guitar, so he moved to drums and then DJing. Thank God he decided to venture, because I'm not sure we'd have all these LCD Soundsystem goodies if he didn't.

Check out "Pow Pow" below, the full lyrics HERE, and as always, click the pic for more.

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