Friday, September 17, 2010

Pitchfork 2010 was Two Months Ago! Here's my Recap:

Time has flown by! I found some pictures and videos from my Pitchfork 2010 experience, and I thought I'd share them all with you. They can serve as your Friday distraction. :)

I had an amazing time this year! I LOVED LCD Soundsystem, Modest Mouse, Local Natives and Girls. The heat was amazing, even though at moments it was a bit intense. What I would give to be back at day 2 right now...

Day 1

Liars had a great sound, but I was mostly impressed by the lead singer's energy. He put on a great show!

Modest Mouse was SO fun! I was a little disappointed in the crowd though. There was more dancing when I saw them at The Aragon, and it was hot as balls there too, so the heat was no excuse. Either way, it was a good time. Enjoy a video of "Education" below.

Day 2

Wolf Parade put on a great set. Only, I regrettably found myself standing next to a group of people who found it appropriate to discuss their love for Wolf Parade very loudly the whole set. I don't know, but in my opinion, if you really LOVE Wolf Parade, maybe shut up and listen to them. I'm just sayin...

LCD Soundsystem was AMAZING. This was my first P4K act that I camped out to see up close, and I was happy with the view. I really wanted to hear "Pow Pow," which he played secondish, and he also threw in "Drunk Girls," "Daft Punk," "All My Friends," and lots of other favorites. Definitely a top show of my summer and year, and probably up there on my "top concerts of forever" list too. REALLY excited to see him again with Hot Chip on October 25 at The Aragon. Check out a few pics and a video of "Drunk Girls" below. You can also check out a quick video of "Daft Punk is Playing at My House" HERE if you'd like.

Day 3

Girls was absolutely one of my favorites of P4K 2010 too. I LOVED their set. I'm pretty much also in love with the lead singer. I will have your babies even if you want to go back to the cult... talent is so attractive. They played new songs (which were really good), my favorites off Album, and rocked out beyond my expectations. Here's a pic of my potential future babydaddy, and below is a video of "Ghost Mouth."

Local Natives were another favorite of the fest. I knew I was a fan going into the show, and I thoroughly enjoyed their live set. The crowd was really into it too, which always makes it better. I've since played Gorilla Manor about 672 times. It's rather enjoyable. :)

Not a huge fan of Sleigh Bells, before or after their set, but a LOT of people were. To me, this is proof that a band can go far based heavily on their live show. They were having technical difficulties during this set, but I can see how in a smaller venue it would be incredibly memorable.

Other acts that I remember liking include Delorean and Here We Go Magic.

Hope you all had a wonderful Pitchfork experience too!

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