Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Few Things...

1. Pluots are amazing. Apparently they're a cross-breed of a plum and apricot (70% plum, 30% apricot). It's a juicy, orgasmic sensation for your mouth. Do yourself a favor and purchase some next time you see them.
2. The Blow is playing The Empty Bottle on November 13! SUPER excited about this, since Paper Television is one of my favorite albums.

3. Of Montreal's new album, False Priest, is streaming on NPR until the album's release on September 14. I've had a few listens, and I LOVE it. LOVE. For your convenience, you can check it out below. Enjoy! :)

PS I love you NPR's First Listen. I think you're awesome. I have a crush on you. Peace be with you.

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