Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lollapalooza Research: Mavis Staples, American Bang, Jukebox the Ghost and Raphael Saadiq

Today I took a look at the 2pm time slot on Day 1, which consists of Mavis Staples, American Bang, Jukebox the Ghost and Raphael Saadiq. This proves to be a difficult decision, but not because I really like several of them, as I did in the previous post, but because I'm pretty indifferent about most of them. I think I figured it out, though.

The first act I checked out was Mavis Staples. Man, this woman has a voice. Not only does she sound great, but she has such emotion and attitude in her performance, there's no doubt I want to see this woman live. However, her live show seems like something I'd want to see in a smaller setting, sitting down with some red wine. In the Lollapalooza heat and crowd? Not so much. But, just because the setting seems off, doesn't mean I still may not love it. She made my list of one of two acts I'm going to stop by.

Mavis Staples
Playing Lolla on Day 1, Budweiser stage at 2:00pm
The next act I listened to was American Bang. I instinctively thought these would be the guys for me, since their name implies rock and roll, and I LOVE rock and roll. And they are rock and roll, but more Kings of Leon (eh) than Zeppelin or White Stripes or Black Keys (awesomeness). Seriously, if you're a Kings of Leon fan, click their pic below and listen to the first song on their MySpace, "Wild and Young." You'll love it. I like the second song posted better, but since they only give me two songs to sample, I'm not sold. This is the other act that made my list of shows to stop by.

American Bang
Playing Lolla on Day 1, Sony stage at 2:15pm

I've heard of Jukebox the Ghost plenty, but never ventured to their site and listened to their music. They create a very pop, upbeat, singer/songwriter sound, and it's enjoyable. It reminds me a bit of Ben Folds meets Eric Hutchinson. I like both of these folks, but nothing from JtG really got me excited. I think I'm going to sacrifice these happy tunes to see what Mavis and AB can do for me.

Jukebox the Ghost
Playing Lolla on Day 1, BMI stage at 1:45pm
Raphael Saadiq makes me want to snap my fingers. Another singer/songwriter, but definitely more reminiscent of Mayer Hawthorne and the Jackson 5. Upbeat grooves in songs with titles like "Love that Girl," "Staying in Love," and "Oh Girl." Again, it's enjoyable, but nothing that excites me. I'm sitting this one out too.

Raphael Saadiq
Playing Lolla on Day 1, Parkways stage at 2:00pm

So, the Day 1 trek looks like this so far: These United States --> Foxy Shazam --> The Constellations --> the end of Los Amigos Invisibles --> Mavis Staples --> American Bang. I have a feeling I'll be at Drive By Truckers after American Bang, but I haven't fully researched this so I can't be positive. I'll let you know soon.

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