Monday, July 26, 2010

Les Savy Fav Offer Thieves Redemption for Money

A band I've heard a lot about, but never really heard a lot of, Les Savy Fav, has a new album called Root for Ruin coming out September 14. A leaked version of the album hit the web recently, and the band is taking this sucker punch with hilarious grace.

They launched a website called "I "stole" Root for Ruin" where guilty fans can make a donation to the band. The band encourages you to donate generously, and if you do, promises the forgiveness of sex sins and a personal request to Jesus to send you cookies. AND, on top of all of that, if you did download the leaked version, the band created a special version of their album artwork just for you.

Since the album was leaked, the band is giving away one of the new tracks called "Let's Get Out of Here," which you can download HERE.

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