Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Show Review: Village at Schubas

On April 14 I headed to Schubas to check out Chicago's Village. In March I caught their set at The Whistler by happenstance, and I really enjoyed it. A friend described them as almost a more rock and roll Girls, which not only fits their sound really well, but also equates to audible deliciousness in my world. After seeing them in March, I got my hands on their album and it's been in regular rotation since. Needless to say, I was pretty excited to see them at Schubas.

Their set made me feel good all over. Like a lot of bands I love, their album is pretty solid, and I enjoy it, but their live show brings forth an extra level of awesomeness. Village combine enough beat to dance to with enough guitar to rock out to, creating an overall wonderful live show experience. Below are a few pics from the show, as well as a few tracks off their album Local Moves.

Love on a Whim
The Days are Gifts
Close in an Instant

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