Sunday, April 10, 2011

Lyric Love

As always, I've been listening to a lot of music throughout my day. Since I pretty much always have my headphones in, often the music becomes a background soundtrack to my day, as I'm usually focused on something else. I love good lyrics, and I find it especially impressive when a lyric is so well-written that my subconscious catches my attention to point it out. It's happened a few times over the last week, where I'm working on something and my brain says, "hey, you, what they just said was pretty awesome," and I rewind a bit to check it out. I thought I'd share these catches with you, with the hopes of spreading good music your way. Not declaring these to be THE BEST lyrics ever, but I enjoy them. :)

I just recently got these two albums, so they've been on rotation pretty frequently this week.

Adam Arcuragi
"If it's true that hell has better music, then can the devil really be all that bad?" and "My poor human heart works so well sometimes I wish it'd never worked at all." -We Steal People's Medicine

Middle Brother
"I know my days are numbered, but I'm bad at math. I got a dick so hard that a cat couldn't scratch" -Middle Brother

"Am I killing time, or is it killing me?" -Blood and Guts

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