Wednesday, February 9, 2011

R.I.P. Guitar Hero

It seems like only yesterday I could list off dozens of friends and family members that seemed eternally strapped to a plastic guitar with five colored buttons. Guitar Hero was everywhere, and nearly everyone was playing it. I didn't own the game then, but that didn't stop me from mooching off my brother's when I was home, or even leaving bars with guys to go back to their place to play Guitar Hero (which is actually what I did, likely to their disappointment). And now, after economic troubles and an increasingly over-saturated music-themed video game market, Activision announced they're disbanding their Guitar Hero business unit and halting development on its game for 2011. In only a few years, this game went BOOM in a big way, and then died as most fads do.

Ah well, Beatles Rock Band > Guitar Hero anyway.

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