Monday, January 17, 2011

A Super Bowl Pool to Help Musicians

My kind of charity: gambling to help musicians! An awesome blog, We Listen For You, posted all these details, and I think it's great!

For $5, and blogger can enter the pool. After the final two teams are decided, each blogger will pick the score of the Super Bowl and the final score of each team. To win, the first step is you have to pick the winner. The second tie breaker is who is closest to the score. The final tie-breaker will be guessing the closest to the total amount of offensive yards.

Here's what's especially great though, each blogger has to submit which band they're "playing for" when they enter the pool, a la celebrity jeopardy and their selected charities. After the winner is determined, each blogger then sends $5 to selected band's paypal account. It's semi-based on the honor system; however, if you don't actually pay the $5 you'll be shamefully called out on We Listen For You as "a blogger who didn't pay, went back on the honor system, and who hates supporting music."

If you're a blogger and you'd like to submit, just e-mail: with the following in this order:

SUBJECT: The Ultimate Music Blogger Super Bowl Pool
BAND/ARTIST you will be playing for with link to one of their pages
I agree to pay $5 to the winning band/artist

The deadline for entry is Jan 25th.

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