Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wicker Park Fest 2010 - Oh My God

I only attended part of Sunday's events, but I had an amazing time! By far, the hands-down best performance I saw was Chicago's own Oh My God. I've heard of them before, and even liked their music enough to try and book them with Verona Red, but was not aware of their full degree of awesomeness. I found myself constantly saying, "oh my God," and of course now their name makes so much more sense.

Their live show had me smiling and dancing and making shocked-looking faces the whole time. It was wonderful. AND, beyond the big, hairy, sweaty, nearly-naked, pigtail rockin' lead singer for entertainment (Billy O'Neill), their music is really good. I think I can safely say this is the first Chicago band (since Verona Red) that I've seen live and immediately want to know when they play next (Double Door on October 2).

I included a few photos of their performance below, and luckily got one of their songs on video for you ("Mother's Nightgown"); however, I encourage you to check out their MySpace HERE and listen to some of their other music including "Volatile" and "Baby Dream."

Some of the other shows I checked out, in order of fabulousness, include:

Happy Birthday, a completely new band for me, hails from Vermont, and they were the first act I saw. I was pleasantly surprised! Click the pic below to check out their MySpace.
I also saw The Hard Lessons from Michigan, and they brought some good rockage to the fest. Again, click their pic to hear more.
Two other Chicago acts I caught pieces of include Scotland Yard Gospel Choir and Van Ghost. They both made my list of "acts to see," but didn't really hold a candle to Oh My God.
Lastly, there were DJ sets on the center stage between bands, and my goodness can Chicago get rowdy to house music in 85 degree weather in mid-daylight. I tried to capture the good times, but the picture doesn't do it justice.

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