Thursday, July 8, 2010

Buy Albums from Artists You Love

Many of us love music to some degree. After reading this article, I hope you'll consider buying an album or two from the artists you love. Fans really are the only way that musicians can "stay in business."

An article on The Root investigated where your money really goes when you buy an album. Their research found that, on average, for every $1,000 of music sold, the average musician makes $23.40. So if a band's asking for $5 a CD, they make $23.40 after selling 200 CDs. Most local bands who aren't on labels don't even pay their members, as they need to cover the cost of gas, recording, lodging, food, merchandise, etc.

Often people are blinded by Lady GaGa's insane sales numbers or the blinged-out lifestyles of popular artists, but really, according to Nielsen, only 2.1% of albums released in 2009 sold 5,000 copies -- that's about 2,050 records that passed the 5k mark.

Check out the full article HERE, and please remember to support artists you love, especially local ones, or soon they may no longer be around!

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