Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Listen to the New Delta Spirit Album

I'm a big fan of Delta Spirit. Their set last year at Lollapalooza really sealed that deal for me. You can check it out HERE.

I was discovering Perfect Porridge this morning, and saw the reminder that the new Delta Spirit album, History from Below, is being released June 8. "...wait a minute, that's yesterday!" (<-- my mental declaration)
I headed to my Napster account, which is where I check out most all albums, and found that Delta Spirit only posted 30-second clips of each song. Booooooo Delta Spirit, Booooo.

A quick google search lead me to a link on Delta Spirit's blog that pointed to KCRW radio, who is streaming the whole album for FREE. Fabulous. What I've heard so far, I love. Check it out and make your humpday just that much better.

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